Like riding a bike

I love mountain biking.

Exercise ✔️
Nature ✔️
Mates ✔️
Adrenaline ✔️

But what I love the most is trying to become a better rider.

And with that in mind, one tip I’ve learnt recently is to lift my vision. To look further ahead.

Because the best riders look at what’s coming up, rather than staring down at their front wheel and hoping for the best.

And (you guessed it), the same goes with marketing.

Looking down the digital trail, there are a bunch of changes ahead for those who have lifted their vision.

  • Facebook page organic reach is dying.
  • Messenger marketing is on the rise.
  • And content marketing is the new SEO.

So rather than us all worrying about what time is best to post on Facebook, now’s the time to lift our vision and position ourselves for what’s ahead. For our businesses, and our customers.

If you’d like to talk about where digital marketing is heading for you, and where to focus your efforts, let’s meet up.

Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t

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