It’s called LinkedIn, not LinkUp

There’s no question that dating apps and websites have changed the way people hook up.

From Elite Singles and Dating for Seniors to Tinder and Bumble, your latest squeeze or lifelong companion could be just a mere swipe away.

But, what happens when you’re not even looking for love and someone makes a virtual pass at you?

Likeable Polly (who for the record is very happily ‘attached’) was innocently checking her LinkedIn inbox when she came across a message from a photographer.

Innocuous enough. He’s a photographer. She’s a content creator. There’s professional synergy. But, when she politely said she didn’t need the services of a photographer at this time, he replied with … “If you’re ever in the UK, I know where you’ll stay.”

Creepy much.

Needless to say she reported it as spam, and hit the delete button. Forthwith.

Because you don’t go onto LinkedIn to get chatted up. LinkedIn is for work. Not dating. It’s all about using the right platform for the job, so to speak. To use a ‘real world’ example – you don’t go into a bakery to buy clothes. You’re not looking for clothes, you’re looking for something to eat.

The same concept applies to your social media strategy. There is no point serving up content that no-one’s going to read, because you’ve put it in the wrong place.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Use LinkedIn and Facebook for social networking
  • Use Twitter and Tumblr for microblogging
  • Use Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest for photo sharing
  • Use YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and Vimeo for video sharing

When marketing your business, some platforms will be more effective than others, depending on the product or service you are promoting.

Don’t know which platform is right for your business? We can help with that. And if you’re looking for love, try to keep it off social media.

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