How to work from home productively

We don’t know what the coming days, weeks and even months will bring, but many businesses are already choosing, where possible, to have their staff work remotely.

With advances in technology, working from home has become more and more common, and achievable.

But, while you might have the tools to do it, are you equipped mentally? Working remotely requires you to dig deep in terms of being organised and motivated.

So, how do you keep yourself logged on? (And we’re not talking Netflix.)

Likeable Ryan, who heads up our education division in Australia, has been working from home for the past 13 years. So, we asked him what he does to stay on track.

Likeable Ryan’s Top 5 Tips for Working from Home

  1. Start the day by creating a new to-do list. I prefer to write mine out on a new sheet of paper as I enjoy the cathartic exercise of scribbling out a completed task.
  2. Power hours rule! Do 50 minutes of uninterrupted work. Bracket it as time that is for work only. Aim to take massive action and get sh#t done. Set a timer. The remaining 10 minutes are yours to walk around, have tea and loo breaks, surf the net etc. 
  3. Combat isolation frustration with an accountability buddy – team up with someone in the company and do your power hours together.
  4. Try to get off email and messenger and have at least one verbal conversation with a teammate every day. Isolation can set in quickly without it.
  5. Netflix is evil – it will bring you down! It is so easy to watch one more episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and before you know if you have watched four.

Staying focused for most of the day will leave you feeling empowered and positive that you have achieved a good day’s work and kicked goals. 

Thanks for the sage advice Ryan!

So, if you find yourself working from home (or you already work from home and need a reboot), put away the TV remote, write out a daily list, put in those power hours, smash those goals and, most importantly, stay connected.



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