How to tell if you are using a personal or a business Pinterest account

Wondering if your Pinterest profile is setup as a business?

Well wonder no more!

3 ways to tell you’re using a business Pinterest account

  1. You have a ‘business name’ field at the top when you click through to edit your profile
  2. You have ‘analytics’ as a menu option when you click on your name (at the top right)
  3. You have ‘business type’ as a field underneath settings (not to mention the big ‘business account settings‘ header!)

If you can see the options described above then you are not using Pinterest personally, you have successfully setup your business Pinterest account.

Pinterest Business Account Settings

ps – if you want to convert your personal profile to a business profile, then follow this process: How to Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Account to Access Analytics

Still stuck with Pinterest for business?

Ask a question below and I’ll do my best to help – Dan

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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