How to save time by batch content creating

Content. It’s a word you’re familiar with and possibly even sick of by now. But it’s also one of the best ways to reach your audience and convert followers into sales online. 

Great content is the difference between making sales and not, so it’s important to get it right. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours upon hours writing, designing and posting. 

If you feel like you’re wasting a lot of time on content creation, then keep reading! We are about to drop some hot tips on how to create your content ahead of time, so you can focus on other areas of your business, whilst your posts do the work for you. 

The key to writing any content is to be genuine, natural and consistent! So whenever you start writing any post, ask yourself ‘Is this on brand?’, ‘Will this resonate with my audience?’, ‘Am I staying true to myself?’. 

This will help you stay in a great mindset and allow your content to be as valuable as possible. 

Wondering how to save time and create posts all in one go? Here’s our top tips: 

Set The Scene

In order to be creative, you need to be in a good space both mentally and physically. Find a nice, quiet space (or if you work better with sound, a cosy spot in a cafe). Bring a notepad, your laptop and some nice pens. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even light a candle or put on your favourite music. 

Do whatever you need to do to get those creative juices flowing. 

Make A Plan 

Start by looking at your year on a calendar. Write out any important dates such as launches, birthday’s, guest appearances etc. This will help you decide what your focus needs to be for each month. 

Once you’ve done that, decide how far in advance you want to be. Is it 2 weeks, 2 months? Try not to go over 3 months in advance, because so much can change and you want to make sure your content is still relevant! 

We suggest starting with a one-month content batch and going from there. 

So now you know you want to get one month’s worth of content done. What do you do now? 

Make a list of all of the platforms you are on. Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs – if you need content for it, write it down. 

Now write how many pieces of content you need for each platform for the month. This may seem like a scary figure but it’s good to get clarity and figure out exactly what you need for when. 

Brainstorm Ideas

Okay so you have a plan! Now you need to start brainstorming ideas.

If you’re confident on Instagram Stories, a great way to start is to post a few polls asking the audience what they’d like to see coming up. This makes them feel valued and is also a great way to get content ideas that you know are going to resonate. 

As well as this, look at your comments and messages and try to find any frequently asked questions. You can then answer these in your posts. 

Let your imagination run wild and have some time to really create some fun ideas for the next month. Once you’ve done that, write a list of all of the topics you want to cover in the month. 

Create Your Posts

Now you have your list, it’s time to start creating some posts. Depending on your preference, you can either design your posts first and then write the copy, or do it the other way around. There is no right way to do this. 

Go down the list and tick off the ideas as you write posts. Remember that you can use the same idea in a different way on multiple platforms. For example, one blog post could be used for 2 Instagram posts, 1 Facebook post and 3 Pinterest pins. 

Try to work smart and think of ways you can repurpose, in order to keep cohesion throughout your channels and also save you time. 

If your brain gets a little tired, take a break! You don’t have to do it all in one sitting. In fact, it might be good to go out and get some fresh air, reset and come back to it. 

Schedule Ahead of Time

Now that you have your posts ready to go, one of our favourite things to do is use a scheduling platform to schedule our posts ahead of time. You can just drag and drop your images and captions into the calendar, pick your date and time that you want the post to go live, and there you go! 

By doing this, you remove the possibility of forgetting to post and can cover all of the posts across all platforms, in one easily accessible place. 


And there you have it!! 

If you implement all of these tips, you will be well on your way to creating months of show-stopping content in only a few hours. 

Have a question? Give us a holla, we are here to help. 

Until next time, happy scheduling! 

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