How to respond to nasty Facebook comments

Have you ever had a nasty comment made on your Facebook page?

It’s a tricky situation, especially with your reputation on the line, and all of your Facebook fans watching.

4 tips for handling nasty Facebook comments

1. Respond quickly

Show that you are listening and that the comment grabbed your attention.

2. Give thanks

Thank the person for their feedback (this will often take them by surprise and help diffuse things)

3. Take it off-line

If a simple comment won’t do, collect phone or email details to finish the discussion elsewhere.

4. Sign off with your name

Show that there is a real human (who cares) behind the Facebook page.

Lighten up

I’m sure you’ll agree this example below is a gutsy response from a conservative corporate. Nice work BNZ.

What’s your favourite way to respond to Facebook complaints?

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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