How one Facebook post reached 22,963 people

I’ve recently discovered the power of Facebook questions.

I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s pretty amazing and I don’t think many businesses know about it yet.

I’m not talking about asking an open-ended question on your Facebook page – that can be hit and miss and I don’t recommend it.

Facebook Questions

I’m talking about asking a question of your fans using Facebook’s built in multi-choice ‘question’ feature (see pic)

3 Reasons why Facebook questions are the secret sauce

  1. Fans just need to click once to indicate their preference (it’s easy!)
  2. There’s no ‘do you wish to authorise this 3rd party app’┬ápop-ups
  3. Each person that answer’s your question automatically shares the question itself on their own wall for all of their friends to see. How awesome is that!?

Long story short, Facebook questions go gang-busters if you ask a good one.

The Power of Facebook Questions
Example of a Facebook question

Disclaimer: If you ask silly questions like ‘what’s your favourite colour?’ then I don’t think you’ll have the same success – the basic rules of Facebook still apply so keep it simple and relevant to your audience.


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Let's make some cool sh*t

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