How to generate leads from Social Media

3 obscure reasons why it might not be working.

Social Media DOESN’T work in my business…”

… Ah, if only I had a shiny dollar for every time I heard that….

Almost every single business owner I speak to, has become so disillusioned with how to generate leads from social media. They have got next to no fans, likes or engagement. Not to mention being able to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat to generate a river of new business enquiries.

I can foresee loads of business owners picking up their pitchforks and lanterns and marching towards Ivanhoe, Melbourne to give me a piece of their mind, because “nobody knows their business better than they do…!”

Okay … I will concede that you DO know your business better than anyone else, but that doesn’t help you at all, if you can’t make warm, qualified leads roll in from your social media posts … does it?

So, if you’re interested in how to generate leads from social media, let’s get into it: Here are the 3 obscure reasons what business owners suck at their business’ social media:

1. Business owners speak their own language

Business owners speak their own language. This means that the language they communicate in has worked for them. However, this may not work for building a social media following. The way we talk does not always transfer very well into the social media dynamic. As a result, the way that we as humans engage online is VERY different to how we engage face to face.

Furthermore, things get worse if the business owner has built their business success on their technical expertise of their widget, and therefore talk in highly technical terms. This is likely to seriously reduce the engagement of your following on social media.

The language of social media engagement is truly unique to itself. It’s a specialist art form, to get people to engage in a positive, interactive way.

2. “Online Consumer and Buyer behaviour” is extremely complex

As I’ve previously mentioned, consumer and buyer behaviour online is a completely different ball game to how it’s done face to face. This is especially relevant when wanting to get someone to “take a specific action” like to part with money for what you’re selling.

There are enough business owners who don’t like to sell on a face-to-face basis. Furthermore, take the time out to invest in understanding the tiny nuances that make a successful sale online.

3. Being too “logical” in their approach

Successful business owners normally have been successful because they have made many good, logical decisions. Decisions that were good for their business.

“Logic” is not what is going to “inspire” people to interact with you, your product or your brand online. Emotion is.

Any great sales person will tell you that people make their decisions based largely off emotion and then justify it with logic. Therefore, to get people to engage with you, your product or brand online, you need to be able to induce emotion. And this is an extremely specialist skillset if you want to learn how to generate leads.

Social media is an extremely fast moving, dynamic environment, therefore it’s absolutely changing the way we act, engage, communicate and connect.

Thus, as with any dynamic environment, there is massive opportunity if approached correctly.

Building that “know, like and trust” has always been a key fundamental of generating new business … and it still is. Overall you’re just dealing with a different type of consumer who wants to be engaged in a very new way.

With this in mind, to find out how to generate leads from social media, how you can build engagement with your customers and how to create real return on investment, contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Therefore, if you engage well, you can build raving fans who will buy everything you have. But do it wrong and you’ll run the risk of being forgotten in an instant.

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