2 years ago.

That’s when we first started talking to Smart Pack.

Founded by Leon Currie, Smart Pack supply flexible industrial packaging, specialising in bags and sacks for the primary industry.

Anyway, back in 2016, we offered to help Smart Pack with their email marketing and blogging.

Email marketing, because they wanted to keep in touch with their growing list of contacts.

Blogging, because they wanted to position themselves as experts in their field.

It made sense, but unfortunately, it didn’t eventuate at the time. You know how it goes.

But thankfully, Leon was on our Friday email list. So we’ve kept in touch over the years. And just last month, I nearly fell off my chair when Leon said yes to working with us.

So, last week I published Smart Pack’s first blog and sent their first email campaign. The stats were good, but Leon’s feedback was what really mattered.

Leon tells us he’s wrapped with the response from customers and prospects. And he now has a number of new opportunities in front of him — all because of his first email campaign. He’s also noticed other flow-on effects with increased traffic to his website and activity on Linkedin where he shared the blog.

Now Leon gets how blogging and email marketing works, and we’re committed to helping him for the rest of 2018. The old win-win might sound like a cliche, but it’s certainly the case here.

The take-home message? Get started. Don’t wait 2 years like Leon did because you’re missing opportunities. Leon will tell you that himself.

If you’re sharing relevant, helpful content with your customers, they’ll thank you for it — and eventually, want to work with you. 😀

Want to start email marketing to your customers? Meet with us.

~ Likeable Kat

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