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I’ve just signed up for a ‘six-week reset’ at Health Quarters.  

It’s called a ‘reset’ because the team at Health Quarters don’t agree with the typical gym ‘challenge’. They think that people tend to do the challenge, but then revert back to old habits as soon as the challenge is complete.

I tend to agree.

I’ve been a bit stop/start about fitness and diet over the years, and know plenty of people the same. Embarking on these challenges with great enthusiasm, throwing everything at it and then fading off once the incentive is no longer there.

Interestingly, when it comes to Facebook, there are plenty of businesses with this same stop/start mentality.

Businesses often start off with great gusto on Facebook, but then at some point, they let it slip. Other priorities come in, they find it too hard to think of content, they’re worried about doing a good job. Any excuse will do.

But here’s the thing. Just like your own health and fitness, the key to Facebook is to form good sustainable habits. Habits that will help build your Facebook fitness. And like your personal fitness, the more you do, the better you get at it, and the better the results.

So if you want or need your business to be on Facebook, then you need to work on your Facebook fitness — find a way of contributing quality content each and every week.

Want the good news?

Unlike your personal fitness, which we can’t do for you, we can take care of your Facebook fitness. Easy. Just get in touch if you need our help.

~ Likeable Kat

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