Does Facebook Advertising Work? A Tauranga Example

Are you thinking of running a Facebook advertisement for your business?

I’ve just finished a 10-day Facebook advertising campaign for a Tauranga business, so I thought I’d share the results with you (with my clients permission of course!).

If you’re not familiar with Facebook ad’s, they display on the right hand side of the page when you are using Facebook.¬†

About this particular Facebook advert

The ad (pictured right) promoted a 6-week fitness course designed for ladies who are 40-65 years of age. The course costs $240 for 6 weeks (pricing was displayed once people clicked the ad).

We chose to only display the advert to the following Facebook users:

  • Females
  • 39-64 years of Age
  • Living in Tauranga
Note: There we 14,980 Facebook users who met the above criteria.

Results: We gained 2 new customers!

  • The advert cost $69.69, and received 221 clicks in 10 days (the advert sent people to this facebook event)
  • From the 221 people who clicked the ad, 2 people turned into paying customers (at $240 each)
    • Acquisition cost: $34.84 per customer ($69.69/2 people)
    • Conversion rate: 0.9% (2 out of 221 people became customers)
  • The income resulting from the ad is $480 ($240 per client for the 6 weeks course)

So was the ad worth is?

I think so. We spent $70 to generate $480 of income over 6 weeks – and that’s not taking into account the long term value of these 2 new customers (they may go on to join other classes or refer friends)

Tips for creating Facebook adverts

  • Target a niche
    • Think about the info that Facebook collects, can you use that to hone in on your ideal customer?
    • If your ad is for everyone, it’s really for no-one!
  • Make the image count
    • You can only use 25 characters for the ad’s headline (and 90 for the ad’s copy)
    • Try and use an image that screams ‘yes, this advert is for you!’
    • Next time I’d add a pic of mt maunganui in the background (to make it even more obvious that it’s local)

Interested in Facebook Advertising? Call me (Dan) on 0800 555 044 or email

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