Dedication to Digital Detox Day

July 1st saw NZ’s first ‘digital detox’ day.


Have we become that bad that we need a dedicated day to get off our devices?

I suppose we have.

Anyway, I decided to embrace the detox. I turned off wifi and 3G to my phone, I put my laptop under a pillow and had a super productive day around the house.

24 hours without social media. I did it. And it was surprisingly easy. I didn’t have withdrawals once. Maybe I should do this more often?

And then it came to Sunday night and I wanted to get a few things organised for the week.

I wanted to confirm a few meetings and check if I had anything on the social calendar.


I realised that I’d been messaging people from Facebook Messenger so details of our meeting times were off limits. And the social event I wanted to check was a Facebook event, again, out of bounds if I wanted to stick to my 24 hours of digital detox.

Man, it was frustrating.

I realised just how much we rely on social media as a form of communication. Facebook tools such as Messenger, Events, Group Chats and Community Groups are all things that keep drawing people in. Whether they want to or not.

Then it dawned on me.

Social media may not be something we want to use. But it’s something we have to use.

That’s why it’s such a powerful business tool. Especially if you want to keep your business front of mind and connect with your customers.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can use it in so many different ways, all on a reasonable marketing budget.

Are you using Facebook for your business? If not, we should talk.

~ Likeable Sophie

#surviveddigitaldetox (only just)

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