Business owners: How to get your website found

Wondering how to get your website seen?

If so, this article is for you.

In short, it’s a really simple explanation of how Google works.

And the best part? It’s written in plain english – enjoy!

The 3 things you need to know (when it comes to having your website found)

1. Keywords.

This is about understanding what your potential customers search for when they use Google.

If you sell “black cats” then that’s a good start, but there are also plenty of other keywords or phrases to consider: Big black cats, black and white cats, how to wash a black cat (very carefully!).

Ideally you’ll want to target a large enough range of keywords so that you have enough people (potential customers) searching for your service or product.

Too broader range of keywords and it can be too competitive, too narrow and there might not enough people searching – make sense?

2. On Page.

This is about whether your website has been created with google in mind.

Most web designers know how to build a nice looking website. But not all will do the keyword research required to help your website get found for the right terms and phrases.

For example, your website could rank well in Google for terms that are not competitive, but it might not bring enough visitors to be worthwhile.

3. Off Page.

This is what other websites say about your website.

Which other websites link to yours? And what do they say in those links? eg: “Jim’s website is the best for big black cat washing” (great!)

Influencing what is said about you on other websites isn’t as easy as it sounds, making this part of the puzzle much harder for a business to control.

This ‘off page’ work can require a lot of effort and a many web designers won’t deliver this service simply due to the time involved – but it is important; because up to 70% of the reason why a website comes up first is based on the ‘off-page’ links which Google sees as “votes” for your site.

Isn’t it more complicated?

Yes, unfortunately it is.

There are understood to be hundreds of elements taken into account when Google ranks a site, and they’re constantly changing. But if you understand the 3 points above, you’re well on the way to understanding how Google works – from a practical business point of view.

This article written in partnership with Paul Easton, Managing Director of Pure SEO BOP. With 10 years’ experience in SEO and Online Marketing, call Paul on (07) 281 1220 for a coffee and a chat.

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