Big, Small, Fast, Slow: How Opposites Attract Attention

Stuck for heading ideas?

Try using opposites.

Here are 6 examples:

  1. Generation Homes - Why Buy Old When You Can Have NewStop haggling, start house hunting (mortgage broker)
  2. Small change, big difference (not for profit)
  3. Say goodbye to wastage and hello to profit (lean manufacturing)
  4. Create a lasting first impression (fragrancing)
  5. Study underwater and go overseas (scuba course)
  6. Why buy old when you can have new (builder)

As you can see, great headlines aren’t just for blog articles (I recently spotted this sign, it’s great!)

Why opposites work:

  • They force comparison (between two extremes)
  • They are polarising (remember: taking the middle ground is boring!)
  • They are jarring (making your reader sit up and take notice)

What do you think makes the best headline?

Leave a comment below if you’d like to share your thoughts.

Cheers, Dan

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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