Being evergreen: how to make your business blog go the distance

Want to know one of the best things you can do for your blog?

Make it evergreen. That’s right, evergreen – like a tree.

You see, a great blog article doesn’t change with the season. It stays up-to-date and relevant – in short, it lasts.

Feel like you can pinpoint when it was written? It’s not evergreen.

What is evergreen content?

In a nutshell, an evergreen article is one that will be as relevant to your audience on the day it was published as it will be six months later… 

If it’s evergreen, it will still ring true long after it was first published.

The true mark of an evergreen post? It can be linked to long after it was originally published.

Why is evergreen content important?

The longer something stays relevant, the longer it’ll continue to get traffic.

Evergreen content means you won’t just get one spike in traffic when you post something new, you’ll get a steady stream that grows over time.

It’s a pretty effective way to do things – you can write an article once and know it will be enjoyed by many different readers over time.

How do I make my blog posts evergreen?

The short answer? Make it timeless.

Timeless articles stick to a single subject (think along the lines of ‘how to throw a right hook’ rather than the broader ‘how to throw a punch’). They have wide appeal and the information won’t change much over time. They break the subject down (everyone’s a beginner), and cover everything your audience might need to know about, say, throwing that right hook.

If it’s timeless, it won’t reference current events, fads or fashions. (So you might want rethink that article about the Kardashians.)

Here’s a quick guide!

Timeless content includes

  • historical posts and origin stories
  • answers to industry FAQs
  • how-to guides and tutorials
  • lists (check out our blog on listicles)
  • information

Timeless content avoids

  • data and statistics
  • speculation and opinion
  • event or season-specific content
  • breaking news
  • jargon and technical language

Got questions about blogging and evergreen content? Let me know!

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