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I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at the Coast to Coast info night.

It’s designed to help first timers with planning their C2C journey ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Initially, I thought, why on earth would they want me to speak? Surely, there are people out there way more qualified to give advice on the prestigious multisport event.

And there are people with a lot more experience than me. But it turns out, people want to hear about the real stuff from someone who was in their position a year ago.

They want to find out what it’s really like — blisters, highs, lows and all.  

And then it made total sense.

For people to really engage with advice they have to be able to relate to it.

And it’s the same now with content for social media.

When people see businesses selling their products and services on social media, if they don’t feel a connection, it’s going to be a much harder sell.

So the trick is, to not always be ‘on the sell’.

Not every bit of your content has to be about your product or service. It could be about the cute dog that visited your office, or giving your receptionist, Sally, recognition for doing a half marathon on the weekend.

Your aim should be to build a relationship with your potential customers. Let them get to know and trust your business through more casual, relaxed, relatable content.

But why would you waste your time creating content that doesn’t sell your business?

Because when you’re relatable, you build trust. And it’s that trust that allows your customer to feel comfortable eventually buying from you.

Just like my Coast 2 Coast talk. I was relatable; I shared real stories (and photos) that gained trust. And ultimately, I helped people feel more comfortable (and excited) to sign up.

So if you’re wanting to mix up your social media content or you’d like some advice on doing Coast 2 Coast for the first time. Let’s talk.

~ Sophie

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