Action will be rewarded

The property market was crazy 2 years ago.

I know this, because my wife and I were trying to buy a house at the time.

Houses were selling at auction for ridiculous money, and we simply couldn’t compete.

So we took a different approach:

– We dropped handwritten notes into the letterboxes of houses we liked (70 in total)
– We spent $500 on Facebook ads (asking people in Tauranga to sell us their house)
– And we worked our networks, asking anyone and everyone if they knew someone thinking of selling

But despite our best efforts, none of it worked – so back to the drawing board we went.

And a month later, after missing out on a bunch more properties, we realised the problem. The problem was, we were focusing our energy on new listings, just like our competitors – other home buyers. 

So I opened trademe, found the oldest listing in Tauranga, and dialled the number.

I reached the owner of a 2 bedroom place in Otumoetai. Never mind that we have 3 kids. We were desperate. It had been 6 months already, and the market was getting away on us.

After a quick chat, excitement turned to dismay when he told me it had sold the day before. But as we finished the call, I asked if he knew anyone else selling – to which he responded, “my son is selling his house next month, and he’s here for lunch, would you like to talk to him?”


After months of hard work, our effort was rewarded.

We bought the house. We love it. And it wouldn’t have happened without taking action.

This year is sliding by, what action do you need to take?

If it’s digital marketing related, take action by meeting with me. I promise it won’t be as hard as buying a house in 2015.

~ Dan

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