A Truly Remarkable Burger Joint

Fergburger Chip Cone

Earlier this week I had the privilege of going to ‘Fergburger‘ in Queenstown.

According to Google, Fergburger is ‘a right of passage‘ for visitors to the area and it’s also not hard to find – it has a queue out the door!

3 things that impressed me about Fergburger:

  1. When they realised we had kids with us they gave us an ice-cream cone full of chips (whilst we waited for our order)
  2. The awesome burger buns they serve are baked at their own Fergbakery (conveniently situated next door). I bet McDonald’s wish they did after the recent bun-gate incident.
  3. They checked on our meals. ‘So what?’ you ask? Well – when was the last time a burger joint asked you if everything was up to scratch?

No single thing from the list above is ground-breaking, but together they make for a remarkable experience and one that’s clearly worth talking about (just ask the 30,000+ fans on the Fergburger Facebook page)

Fergburger is rated #5 out of the top 145 things to do in Queenstown, not bad for a burger joint.

What could you change in your business to make it more worthwhile talking about?

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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