4 Facebook marketing tips for your business

Compared to other mediums, Facebook is pretty new.

So as business owners, we need to adjust our style to suit the medium and avoid the traditional sales and marketing speak which turns people off.

Without further ado…

4 Facebook marketing tips:

1. Avoid over promoting your business/service

  • Don’t focus on pushing product, focus instead on either entertaining or adding value to your fans. If you aren’t making them laugh/cry or providing useful info then you’re probably wasting your time (and theirs).

2. Commit to updating your page regularly

  • One update every couple of days shows that you are present and ready to engage with your fans in need.
  • And an out-of-date Facebook page creates a worse impression than having no Facebook page at all.

3. Schedule your Facebook updates

  • Avoid posting more than one status update at once. The more you say in close succession, the less likely your fans will take notice.

4. Be selective with questions you

  • Questions work best when they are specific or targeted to a group of your fans. If you are asking everyone a question then you are really asking no-one in particular – so you can expect a poor response.

Have I missed anything?

Feel free to add your own Facebook tips and tricks by placing a comment below.

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