3 Tauranga Businesses To Follow On Instagram

Should your business be using Instagram?

Ask yourself these 4 questions to find out:

  1. Do you sell direct to customers? (rather than to other businesses)
  2. Are a large chunk of your customers under 30 years of age?
  3. Is your product/service something that people get passionate or excited about?
  4. Can your product/service be communicated well visually? (eg, art, food, fashion, design)

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you might like to get started by following these 3 Tauranga businesses on Instagram.

1. Love Rosie Bakery (Cafe)

Love Rosie are smashing it on Instagram.

In particular, they do a great job of responding to and thanking any customers who comment on their posts. Nice work.

Follow Love Rosie Bakery on Instagram:

2. Paper Plane Store (Retail)

I haven’t noticed any retailers in Tauranga using Instagram better than Paper Plane.

They do a great job of featuring products, and tagging the businesses who supply them to increase their potential exposure.

Follow Paper Plane on Instagram:

3. Wildwood (Photography)

Ok, so these guys have an unfair advantage being photographers.

But aside from their beautiful posts, they do a great job of sharing what’s happening behind the scenes for them, whether it be pics from their holiday or shots of their home or pets.

What do these Instagram updates all have in common?

They all look like they’ve been made by someone who know’s how to take a good photo.

So if you’re not comfortable taking photos yourself then find someone who is (because it will be the make or break of your Instagram marketing effort!)

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