3 reasons why your logo shouldn’t be in your email signature

If your logo is in your email signature then you’re not alone.

Because it seems that the whole world doesn’t know that having an image within an email signature is a bad idea.

Why’s it bad idea? Because it’s a pain in the backside for everyone who gets your emails.

3 reasons why having your logo in your email signature sucks.

You send lots of emails right?

Here’s the problem when you include a logo…

  1. Your recipients think each email they receive from you has an attachment (it does, your logo!)
  2. When a recipient forwards one of your emails, they automatically forward your logo too
  3. And despite both of the above, many of your recipients won’t even see your logo unless they have ‘images turned on’ in their email programme. For example, recent stats show that 43% of gmail email users read emails with images turned off.

Email Signatures: What to do instead

9 times out of 10, your recipient already knows you and your business name (if not, it’s called spam), so instead of including your logo, include a simple link to your website.

The same goes for your social media profiles.

Instead of including a Facebook icon in your email signature, include a simple link to your Facebook page (it’s more likely to be seen and clicked, and it’s less annoying).

Ready to go image free in your emails?

Open your email programme, find your email signature settings, and hit delete on whatever imagery is sitting alongside your contact details.

Looking for more detailed instructions? Sorry, that’s all there is too it.

Here’s to happy image-free emailing!

Cheers, Dan

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