3 KEY things we learned at ad:tech

Last week, a few of the Likeables attended ad:tech Auckland. They say sharing is caring, so, because we care, we’re gonna share a few of the key things we learned with you.

Wait a sec, what is ad:tech?

ad:tech is a one-day conference with a bunch of different speakers discussing contemporary ideas and updates about all things advertising. And tech-y. On a side note, advertisers drink a lot of coffee. (And if you’re thinking, I already knew that, don’t worry, this isn’t one of the three things we learned.)

1) Stop thinking of mobile as a channel, but more an expansion of a person

Sounds a bit fluffy, we know. But this theme popped up a few times, disguised in a few different forms, so it’s pretty important.

Currently over half of marketers are treating ‘mobile’ as a silo. A single strategy to target all things mobile in one handy little blast.

Which, when you think about, is nonsense.

People carry their phones with them… everywhere. While they watch TV, they’re second screening. When they see outdoor displays, their phone is in their pocket (or in front of their face). When they shop, they’re doing it ON their phone already.

Also, a phone is never just a phone anymore. The ‘phone’ function on a ‘phone’ is (on average) not even one of the top seven features on a ‘phone’. Crazy. But we digress…

Instead, the advice is that we should be optimising the customer, not the channel. Think of how you can use mobile to add REAL VALUE to your customers. How can you make mobile an integral part of a business strategy, or ad campaign, without it even seeming like an ad?

This, quite neatly, leads us into our second learning.


So, let’s take that rather abstract thought into consideration, and think how it might actually look.

If the key really is to use mobile to transform user experience, then consider what might actually be helpful, and squish your brand into it.

Need an example? You’re running late to the airport in the back of a taxi, sweating profusely, with waves of anxiety rushing over you. Up pops a push notification from your airline, that has communicated with your maps, and with your calendar, and knows you’re running late to the airport in the back of a taxi sweating profusely, with waves of anxiety rushing over you. Your airline (some would say helpfully, others would say creepily) suggests paying for an upgrade and checking in online so you can skip the queues.

It’s smart advertising that’s actually useful. All that’s missing is the wet-wipes to cool you down.

But is this what the people want…? How do you find this. Clever and helpful? Or stalkerish and intrusive?

Whichever way you see it, prepare yourself for a rise of push notifications, as brands utilise the mobile journey for their customers and audience. (And sell along the way.)

3) Cultural relevance is king

It’s 2019. Social media is massive. There’s no denying it anymore, it’s happened.

You may know that at Likeable Lab we often say, “we turn your likes into leads”, so it comes as no surprise that we’re pretty big advocates of the role social media plays in driving sales.

But – which elements of social media actually move the dial?

Drum roll please… the answer is topical posts. Content that has cultural relevance is far more effective in driving engagements.

Seven times more effective in fact.

(That’s when compared with other categories like product posts, comps, brand posts, sponsorship announcements and price promos etc, etc.)

So, as painful as it may feel to spend money sponsoring a social media ad about Mother’s Day, rather than a shiny picture selling your product, it’s actually a pretty effective way to create a positive brand memory.

Posts that ignite an emotion, relate to the audience and are relevant in that moment are more effective. They will build a long-lasting relationship when it comes to point of purchase.

So yep, it’s worth it.

4) Advertisers seriously love coffee

Yes, yes, we know, we said it wasn’t one of the ‘three’ key things we learnt. And it wasn’t, because, being in the social media marketing game, we knew that already.

If anything, it was a looking-in-the-mirror moment. Which is what any good advertising does right? Reflects back a piece of yourself.

Fancy chatting social media and advertising trends with us? Let’s do it over coffee…

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