Why fewer Facebook fans are seeing your updates (and what to do about it)

If you’re like me, you’ll be frustrated that less and less of your Facebook fans are seeing your posts.

For example: 1,000 people might like your page, but as few as 100 people see your posts each time you update your Facebook page.

I feel your pain (so I’ve written this article for you)

Not sure what I mean? Look at the ‘people who saw this post’ number underneath your latest Facebook update. Chances are this number is far less than the total number of people who like your Facebook page.

Why are some of your fans missing out on seeing your Facebook updates?

Because Facebook is social network for people, and businesses like yours and mine take second place.

Fewer fans are seeing your updates because Facebook places priority on showing updates from friends rather than businesses – and to restrict the number of business updates that get through it shows its users more of what it thinks is interesting, and less of what’s not.

How interesting are your Facebook updates?

Nowadays, how interesting your Facebook updates are determine how likely they are to be seen.

Most businesses focus on the number of likes their Facebook page has as a measure of how interesting they are, but this number by itself isn’t very helpful.

The engagement rate of your Facebook page is a much more important measure, and it’s the most simple way (that I know of!) to measure your interesting-ness.

How to calculate the engagement rate of your page

  1. Take the number of people ‘talking about this’ at the very top of your page (eg, 100)
  2. Divide this by the number of people who like your page (eg, 1,000)
  3. And the resulting number as a percentage is the engagement rate of your page (10%)

You’ll notice your engagement rate improves when your posts get likes, comments and shares.

And you’ll notice it plummets when no-one cares or interacts (and less and less people will see your posts)

What’s a good engagement rate?

The answer depends on many things, including the size of your following, your industry and of course the quality (what I call interesting-ness) of your posts.

But as a rough idea, all of the Facebook pages I manage here in Tauranga NZ currently sit between 20% and 40% (and I’m very proud of that fact!)

My sales pitch:

If you think your engagement rate sucks, or you’re reaching less fans than you’d like, then chances are I can help.

I can manage your Facebook page from as little at $100 per week.

Just contact me if you’re interested in talking more about this.

Disclaimer: According to Tech Crunch there are over 100,000 factors which determine the likelihood of your Facebook post being displayed in a users news feed. For the purposes of simplicity I’ve called this ‘interesting-ness’.

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