Why Google Adwords is the last thing you should do

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Google Adwords.

I’m saying it’s the last thing you should do.

You see, most businesses use Adwords when they’re looking for a digital-marketing silver bullet – you know, something that will bring more website visitors quickly, with the hope that some of those visitors will turn into sales.

But for most of the businesses I come across, turning on Adwords is the digital equivalent of putting the cart before the horse.

Long story short, if the action you want your visitors to take when they get to your website isn’t crystal clear, then starting Adwords is like running a bath without putting the plug in.

Yes, Google Adwords can quickly ramp up the volume of people visiting your website, but first make sure your website does a good job of converting visitors into action.

Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t

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