What video games can teach us about the sales process

In a video game you must complete all levels/stages before you can complete the game.

But how does this translate to the sales process for small businesses?

  • The quick wins like calling a prospect are like the lower levels of a video game. They are fairly accessible and they should be relatively easy to complete.
  • Winning the deal or closing the sale is like completing the game   – but you must complete the lower levels first. Think of this like beating the final boss!

The game Alex the Kid (think SEGA master system!) has 11 stages, but there are 7 levels in your game. That’s because it’s widely understood that on average, it takes 7 points of contact to close a sale.

Here’s my ideal video game sales process.

  • Level 1: Phone to arrange a meeting
  • Level 2: Confirm meeting details via email (yes, this counts!)
  • Level 3: Send brief email on the day of the meeting (eg, see you this arvo)
  • Level 4: Attend meeting
  • Level 5: Send meeting summary email confirming actions (eg, usually this email will outline when I will have my proposal to them)
  • Level 6: Email proposal (or present in person for larger projects)
  • Level 7: If no word, contact them in one week (using this approach)

Thinking of your sales process in stages like the above will make it easier for you to achieve small victories every day.

So how does your sales process look?

Remember: Next time you pick up the phone to call a prospect you’re just trying to pass level one – not beat the final boss.


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