Why getting the ‘temperature’ right for your audience is key

If you work in an office you will be familiar with ‘The Battle of the Thermostat’. There’s always that one person who wears shorts all year round. And their polar opposite who keeps a woolly jumper on standby at all times, even in the summer. ? Not wanting to turn this into a battle of […]

Linkedin: Is it worth paying $12 per month for a Linkedin Premium membership?

Everyone should be on Linkedin. Ok, maybe not everyone, but certainly those who are interested in their career or professional development. Thanks to my free Linkedin profile, in the last year I’ve had: A job offer from a Wellington recruitment firm An article written by Waikato University (this article) An invitation to speak at a […]

How one Facebook post reached 22,963 people

I’ve recently discovered the power of Facebook questions. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s pretty amazing and I don’t think many businesses know about it yet. I’m not talking about asking an open-ended question on your Facebook page – that can be hit and miss and I don’t recommend it. I’m talking […]

How to evaluate your business idea

2 weeks ago I came up with a business idea. I had been thinking a lot about coffee. More specifically, I’d been thinking about my love for it, how finding a good one is awesome and how receiving a bad one sucks! Then the idea hit me. I know, I’ll make a mobile app where […]