Missing out on epic prizes

Customers are hard to get.

Especially when they’re kept in the dark and not given much information.

Do people know exactly what you have to offer?

Turns out I didn’t know what was on offer last weekend when I took part in an off-road multi-sport event.

For the main multi-sport event, the podium finishers each won a top of the range GPS watch valued at $500 (3rd place, won by my hubby), $700 (2nd place) and $900 (1st place). And none of them had any idea they were getting such an awesome prize. Needless to say they were rapt.

But I bet 4th place was gutted.

If he’d known about the epic prizes he may have tried that little bit harder to catch 3rd place. Who knows.

It wasn’t just a prize worth fighting for, it was a prize worth entering the main event for.

And how many more people would have entered the main event if they’d known these massive prizes were up for grabs?

My guess is heaps more!

By not advertising the prizes, the event didn’t reach it’s full potential target audience.

They sold themselves short.

Are you making the same mistake with your social media?

If you’re not posting content that your customers care about you could be missing out on valuable business.

So think about what makes your potential customer tick, e.g. a free GPS watch when you achieve a podium place, and keep them in the loop.

And if you’re not sure how to tell them, hit reply and we can talk.

~ Likeable Sophie

PS – the GPS watch looks way better on my wrist than my husband’s.

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