The latest craze

Heard of bottle flipping?

It’s the latest craze, where participants flip a water bottle repeatedly, in an attempt to have it land on it’s bottom.

But it’s just a fad.

And as a father of three, fads like this roll through my house all the time.

Countdown collectables
Loom bands
Pokemon cards

But fads aren’t just for kids, they exist for businesses too – and while they might not be as obvious, they’re just as distracting.

So this year, I’ll be trawling through digital marketing fads and trends, to find the tools that actually work, and will stand the test of time.

My personal goal for 2017 is to cut through the online marketing clutter of the internet, and share my findings with our clients, so we can do better work, to achieve greater results.

Can we cut through the clutter for your business?

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Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t

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