Choosing the right ‘voice’ for different social media platforms

The Dolly Parton Challenge captured the imagination of celebrities, brands and household pets when it went viral last month. Cleveland Police even tapped into the concept in an attempt to track down a wanted man.  If you missed the social media phenomenon, it involved a meme, showing Dolly in four different guises – for LinkedIn […]

3 KEY things we learned at ad:tech

Last week, a few of the Likeables attended ad:tech Auckland. They say sharing is caring, so, because we care, we’re gonna share a few of the key things we learned with you. Wait a sec, what is ad:tech? ad:tech is a one-day conference with a bunch of different speakers discussing contemporary ideas and updates about […]

How to Facestalk your competitors

Looking for ideas for your Facebook page? Creating original, engaging Facebook updates is hard work – so today we’re sharing a short-cut. It’s called Facestalking Facestalking (Facebook stalking) is about following your competitors Facebook pages, with the goal of learning which of their Facebook updates are generating engagement (likes, comments and shares). And no, I’m […]

6 Tips to grow your organic reach on Facebook

Did you know that wasabi is the most difficult plant in the world to grow? Unless you’ve tried to grow it, or written a thesis on Japanese cuisine, we’re guessing this is news to you. But when you’re a social media agency trying to squeeze the last drops out of an analogy, you find out […]

Why playing foosball is like Facebook advertising

I’ll admit it. I have a slight addiction to foosball. But not just playing foosball — I’m addicted to winning foosball. People say I take the game too seriously. But winners are grinners ? We have a foosball table here at Likeable Lab. Whenever we need a distraction, we play.  It’s a great way to take […]

It’s a sign of the times

We like to be Likeable – after all, we are the Likeables! So when our new signs went up, we were excited to get our first walk-in within five minutes, followed by a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. The signs were doing their job! Or were they? By close of play we had […]

How to generate leads from Social Media

3 obscure reasons why it might not be working. “Social Media DOESN’T work in my business…” … Ah, if only I had a shiny dollar for every time I heard that…. Almost every single business owner I speak to, has become so disillusioned with how to generate leads from social media. They have got next […]

‘I AM HOPE’ – why the runaway success?

The clue is, as they say, in the title. Social media is just that – social. What is it that makes some social media campaigns fly, while others barely get off the ground? At the heart of its success is the desire we have as human beings to connect with others. If someone has an […]

“But my business is different…!”

Not when it comes to new business generation, it isn’t. This is something that most business owners have thought, if not said. We all feel that our businesses are different. That they are unique. And to us, inside, looking out, they may well be. The truth of the matter is though, that all businesses, broadly […]

We rebranded! Find out why.

When Likeable Nick bought the original Likeable last year, two businesses merged into one. A bunch of people with epic digital marketing skills combined their talents, experience and service offering. And just like that, Likeable’s formula changed. For the better, we think! But that meant we needed our brand to better represent the new Likeable. […]