What Made This Photoshoot So Damn Good? Insights from our Head of Creative and Photographer.

Our Head of Creative, Alex and our Photographer, Jake went on a shoot for a client of ours that left them feeling a type of way.

This feeling wasn’t easy to shake off, so we had to interview them to get to the bottom of what made this photoshoot so damn good – Enjoy.

1. How thorough was the shoot brief? How does this impact shoot efficiency, maximising your time?

Head of Creative / Alex:
This day had been organised a couple of months in advance so it was super planned out and we didn’t have any last-minute changes or rushing which makes a big difference. 

We had met with Rich and even did a couple of test shots first to make sure we could achieve what he wanted before we committed to the project and once we knew we could do what he was after it was all on. 

The main purpose of this shoot was consistent and professional product imagery. To help achieve this we had an extensive product list which meant no product was missed. 

When we arrived on the day we went over:

  • A little plan of attack verbally to ensure everyone was on the same page with what we wanted to achieve.
  • The timelines we were working to.
  • What deadlines do we need to hit.
  • Some other action/in-situation shots that were needed and team stuff (which we decided to smash out first).
  • Then we set up for all the product shoots. 

Because we had the game plan outlined and everyone knew what they were doing, when, and where, it made for a super easy day that avoided any hick-up. Everyone knew their role and responsibility which meant we were able to utilise our time there for maximum output. 

Photographer / Jake:
The brief for this shoot was solid. One of the biggest challenges for this shoot was the volume of products we were going to be shooting. While each shot wasn’t complex, we had to make sure every product was accounted for and the shots were consistent across every product. 

Having a comprehensive shoot plan meant that we were able to bundle products together that required the same setup, meaning we could be efficient with our time, but also make sure we were nailing the consistency, which was a priority for these shots as all of the products will sit next to each other on the product page of the website. 

Shoot efficiency largely comes down to:

  1. Extensive pre-planning.
  2. A competent producer.
  3. A well-practised team. 

We hit the Holy Trinity on this shoot. The pre-production plans were comprehensive so everyone knew what we were doing, how we were going to do it, and what the goals were. Our on-set producer (Alex) had all the documents we needed to keep track of the shoot, make sure we didn’t miss anything, and that we were on schedule. 

Our client provided staff to help move the product which meant we could smash out the photos as efficiently as possible. And our photographer (me) is a pro and made sure we set everything up to strike a perfect balance between quality and efficiency (if I do say so myself 😉 ).

2. How much of this comes down to the client? 

Head of Creative / Alex: Rich and the team were great because they all were up to speed and had put a lot of effort into getting the place ready – eg: washed the building, got new stickers for machinery so all branding was updated, and the warehouse had been tidied etc. This makes such a difference in photos; those small details take a photo from good to great. 

Rich was also super organised with the products and had them all lined up and ready to go so it was only ever a case of swapping them out, we were never waiting on them which meant we were able to get it all done on time with even a few minutes to spare. 

Quite often we will turn up to a shoot and the team hasn’t been briefed or doesn’t know what is going on which can take up a lot of time on site/shoot and slow down the process dramatically. 

Photographer / Jake:
The client was very organised, which was amazing because this is not always the case. I think one of the things that stands out to me from this shoot is that not only were they organised, but they were enthusiastic and all in on the shoot. 

Our job is to capture content in the best light possible, but we can only work with what we have in front of us. It really is a two-way street and the client needs to put in some work to meet us in the middle which results in the best content possible. 

Having a client that understood this meant that everything was ready, it had been tidied, and they had prepared everything to put their best foot forward which meant that we were able to execute the shoot plan we had to an even higher level.

3. How much creative freedom did the client give you for this shoot?

Head of Creative / Alex:
When doing product shoots there are often certain aspects that need consistency and more focus which can leave less room for creativity but we are also working on their website design refresh so we made sure the product images were in line with the mood board and new direction we are heading in. 🤫

Photographer / Jake:
On a shoot like this, where the plan is established and pretty straightforward, the creativity generally comes in the form of what I would call creative problem-solving. This means that the “concept” and the “deliverables” of the shoot are set and we need to hit those goals, but HOW we capture these products in the best light is up to us. 

For this shoot, we were taking photos of foam and rubber in an industrial warehouse, and initially, when we think of that it’s not the most glamorous subject. However, the creativity comes when we’re developing solutions on how to maintain consistency across every product shot, how to illustrate the scope and scale of their operation, and how to showcase the personality of the team behind the product.

To deliver the best end product possible we need to approach these problems with a creative mindset and that helps us take an ordinary product, and produce extraordinary images.

4. How was the location? Was it aesthetic, accessible, and easy to shoot in?

Head of Creative / Alex: When shooting rubber and foam at an industrial warehouse you may think the aesthetic will be limited but this building is well designed and has great lighting and a massive roller door which made the whole process and experience easy. The building has a dark exterior so when doing our drone shots it really popped with the blue sky. 

Photographer / Jake: The location was their industrial warehouse which is very much built for function. Access and set up was easy due to large warehouse doors, and plenty of floor space for us to set up everything we needed. One of the biggest things that impacted this was the client’s desire to show their business in the best light, and putting in the effort beforehand to make sure everything was looking as good as it could be. The building had been cleaned, the lawns cut, signs and logos updated, and the produce organised neatly. This made our job much easier and made sure we could capture images that really let the business shine.

5. How was the talent? Were they easy to work with, and photogenic?

Head of Creative / Alex: Because the team had been made aware of the shoot months in advance and had all been working to get the space photo ready they were all super eager and into it! They were happy as to have their photo taken and we’re pretty good at getting people to feel comfortable in front of the camera now. 

Photographer / Jake:
Most of the time when I show up to a business to take team photos, a lot of people aren’t happy to see me and often tell me how much they don’t want to do this and hate having their photo taken (one scenario where my strong self-esteem is helpful). This shoot could not have been further from this norm. All of the staff were enthusiastic and welcoming. We had a good time, had some laughs, and they were happy to be in the photos which meant they came out looking mean! (Who would have guessed happy people make good photos eh).

6. How was the talent? Were they easy to work with, and photogenic?

Head of Creative / Alex:
We had an epic time on this shoot because we had met the client already and are working on other projects together the vibes were on. 

When the vibes are on it usually means peak communication and collaboration among everyone involved, genuine smiles, relaxed body language, and natural expressions which is great for candid imagery and in situ shots. 

It means we’re at ease as the team on site. Knowing everyone is having fun ultimately means there’s less room for distractions or conflicts, allowing us to stay on schedule and produce high-quality work within the time frame that the client is happy with. 

We were also showing the team sneak peek photos in between sets to check they were happy and often the response was “That looks f*cken awesome” So if we didn’t get that response to a particular shot I knew we needed to reshoot it and that was my internal thing to check for. 

Photographer / Jake:
We had a great time. Obviously, our team is likeable, and our client is likeable, so it makes sense we get along. We love to keep the vibes up on our shoots, and we’ve spent a long time perfecting our craft so that we can do a great job, but also chill and crack jokes along the way.

7. What was the outcome? Does the content satisfy the brief?

Head of Creative / Alex: We hit the nail on the head! I can’t wait to see them on the website. 

Photographer / Jake: Our client’s feedback upon seeing the photos initially on-site was “Those look f*cking mean”. So yeah, I think we nailed it.

8. Give us an overall rating of the shoot out of 10!

Head of Creative / Alex: 10/10 one of the best shoots I’ve been on in a loooong time. Good organisation, good people, good gear, good weather and overall cool sh*t for the internet. 

Photographer / Jake: I’d give this shoot a 9/10. It was such a good shoot; everything went to plan and we had a great time. The only reason it’s not a 10 is because I believe there’s always something we can improve on and I know the next time we visit this client we’ll find a way to make it even better!

To cap it off

This shoot was an epic success, thanks to meticulous planning, client enthusiasm, and seamless teamwork. From the detailed brief to on-the-spot creative solutions, every element clicked perfectly. The industrial backdrop, prepped to perfection, added flair, while the collaborative atmosphere fueled positivity.

The result? Happy clients, stunning shots, and a job well done. We’re already excited about raising the bar even higher in future projects. Cheers to teamwork, creativity, and many more wins ahead! 📸

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