Headings 101: Why you need to start using heading tags when blogging

Here’s a question – how do you add structure to your blog articles? Do you give it a title, write a few paragraphs and break those up with subheadings? If so, you’re onto a good thing – it’s a great formula, and most importantly – it makes your blog easy to read. But did you know, […]

Business owners: How to get your website found

Wondering how to get your website seen? If so, this article is for you. In short, it’s a really simple explanation of how Google works. And the best part? It’s written in plain english – enjoy! The 3 things you need to know (when it comes to having your website found) 1. Keywords. This is about understanding what your […]

Revealed: The anatomy of a blog article

Struggling to turn your ideas into concise, compelling blog articles? If so, I’ll let you in on a secret… The best blogs have 6 components. You could think of these components as body parts – each one adding value to the whole by performing a specific, necessary function. So if you want your blog articles to live […]

Blogging: How to write a Listicle

No, I didn’t misspell testicle. Because today’s article is about listicles. Even if you don’t know what a listicle is, you will have read hundreds of them online – and the best part is that listicles are a blog-writers dream. What exactly is a listicle? A listicle is a blog article that’s presented in the form […]

How to get new customers by guest blogging

Wondering how to expose your business to a bunch of potential new clients? If so, this article is for you. But before we dive too deep, let’s cover the basics first… What exactly is a guest post? A guest post (also known as a guest blog) is a published article that’s written by a guest […]

3 steps to starting a new business blog

Looking to create a business blog? Today’s article demystifies the process for starting a blog, and covers the important (and often over-looked) first steps. Need a reminder on the merits of blogging? See what cockroaches and BBQs taught me about blogging. So you wanna start a blog… It’s tempting to jump in and start writing your […]

What cockroaches and BBQs taught me about blogging

Wondering if blogging works? If so, I’ve got a story to share with you. It’s about an article I wrote last year for a business called Ecomist. Heard of them? An article about cockroaches Ecomist are best known for their insect repellent dispensers, but they also have a product which is great for keeping cockroaches out of your BBQ […]

Blogging: Avoid the trap of writing about your business

Does your business have a blog? If so, you’ll know that the easy part was setting it up. The hard part is deciding what to write about, but don’t worry – you’re not alone. Because many businesses don’t know what to write about, so they end up writing about themselves – which is a BIG mistake. Why blogging […]

How to avoid the curse of knowledge

Are you an expert in your field? If so, then chances are you have the curse of knowledge. And this curse could be seriously impacting upon the success of your marketing, especially when it comes to your writing. What is the curse of knowledge? The curse of knowledge occurs when you know a lot about a topic, […]

Blog writing: Are you helping or selling?

If you’re anything like me, you hate being sold to. And that’s because as customers, we’re absolutely sick and tired of it. We’re sick of cold calls, sales letters and websites that push products and services on us. Instead, we’re looking for solutions to our problems – we’re looking for help! So are you selling […]