How to ‘spring clean’ your social media

When spring rolls around, everything feels that little bit extra ‘fresh’. New baby animals, beautiful blooming flowers and a chance to sort through that awful garage for things to pass on to the local charity shop. Why shouldn’t your social media be included in that refresh, too? Because, let’s be honest, it might look a […]

Surprise… we’ve acquired another business!!

Lockdown presented some huge challenges for the business community – but also opportunities. Here at Likeable we have had our fair share of challenges, but what has been blindingly clear from the outset is that a strong online and social media presence is vital if businesses are to co-exist with COVID-19. Our Head Honcho Nick […]

How to build a resilient brand on Instagram 

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is a great place to build your brand awareness and create a loyal customer base. But with all of the noise, how do you stand out?  By developing a resilient brand, that’s how!  What do we mean by a resilient brand? We mean a brand that can stand […]

How to develop the Know, Like, Trust factor with your audience

There’s a saying in sales that goes a little something like,“you need 7 touch points with the same customer before they will be willing to buy from you … before they Know, Like and Trust you”.  Let’s face it, most businesses are looking for more customers and, more specifically, loyal customers that will buy from […]

How to create more authentic imagery for your social media

It’s one thing having to write good content for social media, and another thing having to select good imagery to go with it! Google and Getty images may be your best friends, but maybe it’s time to give each other some space… Not that image again! You may think that leaving a three week gap […]

A Handy Guide to Social Media Image Size Requirements in 2020

Do you often get overwhelmed with the amount of image size requirements for each social media platform? Do you find that you JUST understood all of them and then they completely change again?  We get it. It’s frustrating and time consuming.  But never fear! We are here to solve all of your problems with a […]

How to plan your social media content 

The key to most great things in life is planning.  And this is just as true for social media. When planning your social media content, things to consider include your business objectives, brand position and strategy, and the audience you are targeting. Nailing this, and ensuring they align with your objectives, will ensure your social […]

How to convert your social media followers into customers

Gaining followers on social media feels good. I mean, we all like to be liked. So, when you see those numbers rising, butterflies start swirling in your stomach and you feel like you’ve made it. But what good are those followers if they don’t actually add value to your business?  They say to be successful […]

Your guide to handling negative comments on social media

Ever spent a really long time on a post that you’re super proud of, only to put it up on social media and scroll through your comments to see a really negative one? We’ve been there. It sucks, it’s hurtful and (most of the time) it’s just downright false.  Internet trolls have been around since […]

5 reasons to invest in social media marketing

You’ve heard about social media, you’ve been on it, seen how it’s worked for other businesses, but you’re not sure that social media marketing is the right move for your business? We get it. It’s new, it’s unpredictable and it can seem like a bit of a daunting task. But the stats don’t lie. According […]