The spring binge

The warmer days of spring are finally upon us. It’s great to see people out and about on the streets enjoying the sunshine, pounding the pavement. Running and walking their way to improved health.

It’s interesting to try and pick the ones that have launched into a fitness ‘binge’ ready for summer, and those troopers who keep up their regular exercise all year round.

This is a lot like many business pages on Facebook. There are businesses who want to get as many followers as fast as humanly possible. And businesses who are happy to play a longer game and get a following that actually matters.

Creating an engaged and active Facebook following is very much a marathon, not a sprint or binge. It takes time to reach your audience and for them to connect with your page, and as Likeable Nick talked about in his blog – you also have to pay to play, and spend some money to get in front of your audience on their social media news feeds.

As a business, you want customers who buy your product or service – not just customers who wander in for a look around and leave again with their money still firmly in their pockets. The same is true for your Facebook following. You can buy as many followers as you like (we call this ‘Like Farming’). At first glance, your page looks successful, but these ‘followers’ aren’t buying what you’re selling. So, the sprint approach isn’t always the way to creating a more successful business through social media.

Accepting that your page will grow slowly but more meaningfully, identifying your core customers, posting appropriate engaging content, and using targeted advertising to get your posts to be seen by a wider audience, is the way to conquer the epic social media marathon and create a long-term following with real, visible results to sales and cash flow.

Have you started your social media marathon yet? Get in touch with Likeable Lab and we’ll help you get started!

~ Likeable Aimee

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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