Category: Marketing

Category: Marketing

Alarming Results ?

Wondering what makes a good email campaign? If so, you’ll know there are plenty of stats you can measure: Opens Clicks Unsubscribes But for anyone

Facebook on trial

Mark Zuckerberg is on trial this week. Facing the world to defend his position on Facebook privacy. The outcome will be interesting for Facebook the

Like riding a bike

I love mountain biking. Exercise ✔️ Nature ✔️ Mates ✔️ Adrenaline ✔️ But what I love the most is trying to become a better rider.

Car crash

Last week I crashed my car. I was driving home from town when it happened. I crashed into the car in front, because I was


2 years ago. That’s when we first started talking to Smart Pack. Founded by Leon Currie, Smart Pack supply flexible industrial packaging, specialising in bags

Copywriting Hacks

This is my 115th Friday blog. Yesterday, I looked back at my first ever blog and realised how crap it was. And it made me

The coast to coast

Next week I’m doing the coast to coast. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a 243km multi-sport event that starts near Greymouth and finishes

Company mantra

“No one is to sell anything.” That’s the mantra of a company we’ve just started working with, and I must say – it’s refreshing. Instead

Advent Calendar Conundrum

I have 3 advent calendars at my place. One for each Son. Our youngest pays little attention to the date and has eaten all of

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