Category: Marketing

Category: Marketing

Dedication to Digital Detox Day

July 1st saw NZ’s first ‘digital detox’ day. Wow. Have we become that bad that we need a dedicated day to get off our devices?

Don’t underestimate a dumb dog

A couple of weeks ago I was looking after my mother’s Labradoodle, Pixie. We’ve always thought of Pixie as a somewhat dumb dog. She can’t

Warm or cold?

A couple of weeks ago Likeable Nick decided he wanted to get fit. Then he suggested all of us at Likeable should get fit. Uh-oh!

Missing out on epic prizes

Customers are hard to get. Especially when they’re kept in the dark and not given much information. Do people know exactly what you have to

Driving in the rain

Last week, Likeable Nick and I took a road trip. We drove for miles through rain, thunder and lightning to visit some current and prospective

Become relatable

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at the Coast to Coast info night. It’s designed to help first timers with planning their

No one has time for mediocre

When we’re all bombarded with content — emails, facebook posts, notifications etc — to get our attention, content has to be good. In fact, beyond

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