Thinking about Instagram? Read this first.

Wondering if Instagram is worth it?

If so, today’s article is for you, and it’s all thanks to Tash and Viv from Ace The Gram. Two local gals who have mind-blowing expertise when it comes to Instagram.

But before we dive into their Insta-tips, we must say a special thanks to PoweringOn – a local programme that’s helping Tauranga businesses get digitally savvy. They’re putting people like Tash and Viv in front of local businesses, and today’s tips are from one of their sessions.

Could Instagram work for your business?

Instagram is a way of being discovered. Every day people use it for shopping, ideas, inspiration, research, recruitment, advice, recommendations, personal growth – the list could go on. So if you’re not on it, you could be missing out.

And you may be under the impression that starting an Instagram account for your business is hard work. But this is definitely not the case when you have a little bit of know-how and the drive to get your business out there.

Tash and Viv have three great tips for getting started.

1. Use Hashtags

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, to identify messages on a specific topic.

But forget the definition, because all you need to know is that people search hashtags. They really do.

Try this – grab your phone, open Instagram, and type in #tauranga in the search bar. You’ll see all the posts that have hashtagged #tauranga. Now tell me you didn’t get completely lost in the world of #tauranga. Proven – just another way of getting discovered.

The use of hashtags and tagging other businesses are both ways to get your business discovered by others. Don’t be scared by hashtags, as they’re not as ‘foreign’ as you think once you start using them.

2. Get thumb happy

Make moves, get active, engage more. That’s the advice from Tash and Viv.

Everyone has moments of downtime when they’re waiting for something; a meeting, a coffee, the kids to appear from school. Use that time wisely.

Hop on Instagram and get thumb happy. Search for #tags that align with your business, follow accounts that you enjoy, double tap and comment on posts you like rather than scrolling straight past.

The more active you are, the more potential engagement you will get. And engagement equals awareness, which is what Instagram’s all about.

3. Learn as you go

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, you don’t have to be a whiz with words, you just have to have a passion for your business. Because everything else can be learnt along the way – isn’t social media great like that?

If you’re serious about getting into Instagram, start by following Tash and Viv from Ace the Gram, or join their Facebook group: Instagram Growth and Engagement.

A special thanks to Tash & Viv for sharing your Instagram treasures with us, not to mention your infectious smiles and warm nature.

~ Sophie.

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